How Do I Get an Emotional Support Animal Prescription?

If you’ve made the decision to get an emotional support animal, the next step is to get an emotional support animal prescription. The reason that these types of animals are prescribed is that the doctor or physician needs to assess your mental and emotional state before you get the animal. The assessment is required to see if you have any issues that the emotional support animal can remedy. If you are ready to go through with your decision, below how to get an emotional support animal of your own so you can confidently increase your quality of life.

An Evaluation from a Mental Health Professional

emotional support animal prescriptionThe first important thing that you need to gather for a prescription is an evaluation from a mental health professional. This evaluation will diagnose you with a health issues like anxiety, depression, isolation, and other deficiencies pertaining to the need of a support animal. To ensure that your prescription remains up to date and can be used legally, you need to make sure to use your evaluation within one year of getting your prescription. In addition to the evaluation, you also need a written letter. Below details what the contents of the letter need to be.

The Doctor’s Letter

To get an emotional support animal, you also need a letter from your doctor or physician. This letter essentially means that the medical professional finds it suitable and helpful for you to have an emotional support with you wherever you go. The letter by the medical professional will include information such as the doctor’s letterhead, it will state that you are disabled by mental illness or some sort of anxiety, and it will also indicate the medical professional’s assessment and subsequent opinion regarding your use of an emotional support animal for therapeutic purposes. This letter, along with your evaluation and attached prescription will be the main things that you will require to get an emotional support animal.

Receiving Your Emotional Support Animal

Once you have attained the required documentation that an emotional support animal is recommended and prescribed by the medical professional, you will be able to get your animal. You can expect it to be trained, well behaved, and even trained if you are to also decide that it should be a service oriented dog. The lack of extensive paperwork makes it an easy animal to obtain and it can do wonders for you and your lifestyle.

Public Housing and Pets

Many people are emotionally attached to their pets. They will do anything to live with these pets, even in their apartments and houses. However, it can be devastating to find out that the house owner does allow you to have pets around in their premises. You may have to give out your pet or even sell it; which is a hard thing to do. This is the reason why many people are very choosy when it comes to selecting the places to live in.

Can You Have A Pet In Public Houses?

What if you are living in a public house? Are you allowed to have a pet? This is one of the questions that a majority of people have to deal with. There have been many rules and regulations that the federal government has passed in regards to owning pets in public housing. While some of the government persons concerned feel that it is a right to own pets in such type of houses, there are some who have been opposed to the matter. The main concern has been that the pets may cause disturbance to other residents in public houses.

The pets are allowed in public housing if it is established that the animal may assist the elderly and other sick people to get treatment. Such people have to get an ESA prescription for them to be allowed to have such paths. However, other people may also be allowed to have pets in public houses if they are able to meet certain requirements. Such requirements are well stipulated under the law and are made available to the tenants before they start living in such houses.public housing

You may be allowed to keep a pet in public houses if:

  • An approval is given to you by the concerned departments
  • If you live in a house that is suitable for pet keeping
  • The pet will not interfere with the well being of the neighbors. In most instances, the public house managers will let other neighbors know that a certain individual is keeping a pet and that the pet should not interfere with their peace.

What You Should Be Careful About

Note that you must apply for permission to be allowed to keep a pet in some public houses. This could be in apartments, attached houses and town houses. People living in duplexes and detached houses may not need any approval to keep a pet.

The number of pets to be kept in the public houses may also be limited depending on the laws of the local authorities. Still, you should find out the type of pet that you can keep in these houses. There are certain pets that may not be allowed for keeping in public houses. You should also go to the veterinary service centers and de-sex some pets such as dogs and cats.

Individuals must always find out about such law before keeping any pet in the public houses. Research is also important so that one is always informed about the developing laws governing pet keeping. Failure to this could lead to legal charges.

What Can A Primary Care Physician Treat?

The primary care physician is a trained medical practitioner who is able to offer various services to patients. They may be located within a medical facility or may pay visit to various patients who cannot access the medical facilities. The work done by these physicians is a lot and cannot be wished away. They are able to treat a number of ailments and prescribe various medications to different patients.

Services the Primary Care Physicians Offer

Primary care physicians perform a number of functions. These include:

  • Performing routine checkups for patients. Such check ups are meant to help the patient know their state of health even if they do not have any sort of ailment before visiting the medical facility.
  • Providing care for patients. This may include providing adolescent medicine and preventative medicine.
  • General practice. Such physicians treat common illnesses and educate the patients concerning them.
  • Internal medicine. Such physicians treat internal conditions such as lungs, heart and neurological conditions.
  • Physical assistants. These service providers are trained in various specialties and can assist in treatment of various injuries and illnesses.
  • Geriatric medicine. The service providers exist to provide proper care to aging patients.
  • Pediatricians. The service providers treat children under the age of 18.
  • Obstetricians and gynecologists. These physicians provide services that deal with women’s reproductive health.
  • Nurse practitioners. These go through training to offer special care to patients as directed by the doctors.

primary care physicianPrimary care physicians will refer you to other medical practitioners in case you have a condition that they are not able to treat. They are only able to deal with conditions that can be referred to as non-emergent. For instance, they may refer you to a dermatologist or a neurosurgeon if they feel that you require further tests and treatment. However, most of the primary care physicians are able to treat most of the common conditions or ailments that the majority may have.

You can find a primary physical physician in any medical facility. Most of them provide services their services in an outpatient setting. They may also provide the services even when you are admitted within a medical facility.

Finding the Best Primary Care Health Provider

You must be careful about the type of person that you settle for. Some of them are not qualified enough to offer you the kind of services that you may require. You should find physicians who are;

  • Friendly
  • Trained and can provide documents to show their levels of training
  • Experienced
  • Available and reliable
  • Reputable
  • Affordable

Most of the reputable medical facilities only employ good primary care physicians. They employ at least more than one so that everyone specializes in their area of interest. However, some physicians may be able to deal with most of the patients depending on their levels of training.

You should get referrals of the best physicians from friends, family, other medical practitioners or patients suffering and healing from various conditions. You could even ask people to refer you to a well known family doctor. At the end of the day, you should be able to receive the best medical services from the primary health care provider.

The Most Compassionate Animals

Animals are compassionate. Regardless of your previous experiences with animals, it is an established fact that many animals are compassionate. This means that they are able to identify with the issues of an individual and will react to such issues.

Just by observing animals playing, you will not need to be told that animals are compassionate. The older animals will tend to take care of the young in a compassionate way. It is amazing that the young animals are able to survive in the jungle even when danger faces them on a daily basis. The mothers will protect these young animals until they are at a point of defending themselves.

When an animal dies, you will be amazed about the sorrow that other animals will show. It is interesting that some animals will be heard making noises to indicate that they are sorrowful just because another animal has died. Still, separating animals will also bring about emotions of compassion to animals.

Some of the Compassionate Animals

The main question that a lot of people ask is- are some animals more compassionate than others? Well, here are some insights:

  • Monkeys

These animals help others without requiring anything in return. In particular, the capuchin monkeys are known to be very compassionate animals. They are able to share items with one another and defend the weak. They are also sensitive to cases of injustice. If one monkey is denied their share of meals, they will react in protest against the act. Chimpanzees also take care of their ailing ones. They may even find food and water for the weak and the females.

  • Elephants

An elephant will not leave another ailing elephant in the zoo to die. Rather, they use every means possible to ensure that the injured animal is able to feed and walk together with the herd of elephants. They also work together when finding food. They may use their husks to fetch food and collaborate to ensure that a certain task is accomplished.

  • Bonobos

If a bonobo inflicts a wound on you, they will react in a remorseful manner and show you that they are unhappy about their action. They could even leak blood on the inflicted wound with the hope that healing will take place in the process.

  • Cats

Many cats are compassionate animals and will always rub their skin against their owners to show that they are excited to see them. They will also play around when the owners encourage it. Further, they sit around remorseful when the owners are not in the best state of health.

In Conclusion

In every sense of it, animals have emotions and are very compassionate. Even without taming, an animal will always show signs of compassion. The scientists indicate that their brains are wired to be compassionate but only get wild when they feel threatened. However, spiritual leaders may argue that the compassion comes from the very fact that they were created by a compassionate creator and that their emotions are actually in-born.

Increasing Happiness with a Pet Companion

Everyone wants to be happy. Nobody wants to lead a life of misery and sorrow. However, the people and the circumstances around you may tend to frustrate and take away the joy away from you. You can deal with this problem by getting a pet. More often than not, a pet will make you very happy and fulfilled. And, a happy person will live longer than a sad one- at least science indicates so.

A pet companion will bring in happiness even in the saddest moments. They do not complain as humans do. Once they well take care of, there is chance that they will be sitting around happy and content. You are also assured that the pet will not run away unless you have really mistreated it. Most pets always go back to their owners even after hours of play with other animals in the neighborhood.

Your pet will give you a reason to focus on something else other than you sad circumstances and self. You have some other living thing to think about on a daily basis, which brings about a sense of companion

Happiness in Trying Times

When you fall ill, a pet will be your best companion. You will be happier to see it everyday and feel loved as the pet does certain things to make you feel loved. With a pet around, happiness will automatically come to you even if your health is failing. You will reduce your stress levels as you focus on taking care of the pet.

The scientists and psychologists agree that pet companion makes the majority happy. This is why they will encourage sick people to have a pet around during their healing process. It is an established fact that the presence of pets takes away the depressions and reduces chances of heart attacks in mentally sick patients.

Exercising and Developing Various Skills

Happiness also comes when we exercise. If you have a pet such as a dog and want to walk it around, you will be exercising, which means that you will be happy in the process. You can also have better communication with others just by having a pet around. People are unhappy because they are unable to communicate well with the people around them. A pet will make you want to find out how you can communicate well with it, and this will improve your communication skills.

People who tend to be gloomy and unsociable are better off with a pet companion. They will automatically have their faces lit up as they watch the pets play with others. A pet will also want to be given attention, and in such a process, the pet owner has to find ways of pleasing it. Happiness will be the end result as one becomes better in social skills.

Pets play a very important role in our lives. They have something to offer on daily basis; whether to the young, the old, the sick and everyone else. Pet owners should therefore treat the pet well so that they can continue to have the best companionship and happiness for the better part of their lives.